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6 July 2021
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6 July 2021

AHA BHA Facial Peeling Serum

Professional Skin Care Series

What is AHA BHA?
AHA and BHA are the names of a group of hydroxy acid varieties. AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) are water-soluble acids that act on the top layer of the skin. BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acids) is a collection of fat-soluble acids that act on the skin.

AHAs help exfoliate the skin's surface so they can create a new, more even-toned skin tone. After using it, you will clearly feel the smooth effect on your skin. It provides full protection by caring for your skin after the use of serum and removes dead skin. It renews the skin and offers a whitening effect. The source of AHA is due to the fruit acids in its content. It repairs the skin barrier, evens out the skin tone, and prevents the formation of stains. It helps you to have softer, brighter and tighter skin.

Herbal AHA Rate: 3%

Herbal BHA Rate: 2%

Willow tree extract; BHA, which is a natural source of salicylic acid in its content, tightens your pores as well as removing your skin from dead skin. It gently exfoliates for a brighter skin. It prevents the formation of acne by balancing the sebum in your skin. It prevents the appearance of aging and wrinkles. It helps to minimize the size of your pores in your fight against pores. With AHA BHA Serum, it makes your skin look tight and young.

Volume: 30 ml