Anti-Aging Botanical Collagen Serum
6 July 2021
AHA BHA Facial Peeling Serum
6 July 2021

Anti-Aging Botanical Collagen Serum

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What is Collagen?
It is a protein group that helps maintain the structural and functional functions of tissues and organs in the body.
Collagen in Skin Care
Collagen, one of the basic building blocks of skin structure; the most important supporter of a young, lively and strict appearance.

Factors such as time, environmental factors and stress can cause devastating damage to our skin. Collagen plays a key role in minimizing and repairing this damage.

The most important point to remember is; As we age, the amount of collagen synthesized by our body decreases significantly.

The skin, which cannot be fed with enough collagen, is exposed to sagging and wrinkles, which are among the signs of aging, over time.

At this point, in order to support the protection of the structural integrity of the skin, collagen supplements and collagen serums are the saviors of anti-aging skin care.

Why Bade Natural Anti-Aging Herbal Collagen Serum?

Prepare to forget all you know about collagen and collagen serums!

Bade Natural Anti-Aging Herbal Collagen Serum was formulated with active collagen molecules with plant extracts.

Herbal Collagen Ratio: 5%

Nature's Miracle: Acacia!

You will feel the miracle of collagen on your skin with 100% natural and herbal ingredients.

Acacia extract obtained from the Acacia tree; It prevents skin sagging with its skin tightening effect, prevents skin wrinkles by filling fine lines.

By strengthening the skin's natural collagen and elastin fibers, it supports the skin's ability to trap water, moisturize it, and thus preserve its natural flexibility.

The result of our belief in Real Naturalness and our understanding of animal-friendly production:

Bade Natural Anti-Aging Herbal Collagen Serum!

With Acacia extract, a smooth appearance is supported with the plumping of facial expressions, aging and fine wrinkles on the skin.

The high-dose moisture-retaining feature of Acacia extract is strengthened by rose water and aloe vera juice. It contributes to the skin, which is kept moist all day, to remain more elastic. With the energetic touch of Neroli, the ground for a bright and lively appearance is being prepared.

Start the Countdown to the Past with Bade Natural Anti-Aging Herbal Collagen Serum, which is indispensable for anti-aging care!

Time to defy gravity with Miraculous Herb: Acacia!

How about saying hello to a tighter, smoother, more elastic and more energetic skin appearance?

Volume: 30 ml