Cannabis Leaf Extract Anti-Redness Active Face Mist
7 July 2021
Cannabis Seed Oil Intensive Moisturizing Balm
7 July 2021

Cannabis Seed Oil Intensive Moisturizing Face Serum

Cannabis Seed Oil Atopic Skin Series
Cannabis and Skin Care

The cannabis plant is very exciting for the skin care and skin industry. Cannabis Plant, its seeds and oil; It draws attention in skin care with its antioxidant, anti-aging and intense moisturizing properties. Cannabis' priority is definitely atopy-prone; dry skin that needs high moisture!

If you have atopy-prone, dry skin, it is not difficult to guess that skin care is a big problem for you. The importance and power of skin care serums on the basis of correct and effective skin care is an indisputable fact. The serums draw attention with their concentrated and strengthened complex structures for your skin care needs. Bade Natural Cannabis Seed Oil Face Serum for Atopic Skin is formulated for dry skin prone to atopy.

The Most Natural, Lightest and Softest Touch on Your Skin

Occurs in atopy-prone skin; Bade Natural Cannabis Seed Oil Facial Serum for Atopic Skin for dryness and loss of moisture; It intensively moisturizes and nourishes the skin against the conditions that environmental factors may cause on the skin. It helps to repair the skin with its regenerating effect.

Serum State of Moisturizing

Against the negative effects of environmental factors, the skin makes more effort to defend itself, and this may cause moisture loss. The skin, which loses its moisture, becomes increasingly tense and dry. Bade Natural Cannabis Seed Oil Face Serum for Atopic Skin; provides high-dose moisture support for dehydrated skin. A skin that is saturated with moisture regains its elastic structure and gains a more flexible and smoother appearance.

Volume: 30 ml