Serotis Relief Ear Drops
14 July 2021
Serotis Earwax Removal Drops
14 July 2021

Serotis Drops Earwax Removal Kit

Earwax is formed as a result of cerumen secretion collecting skin debris from the inside and keeping dust and other particles entering from the outside, accumulating where it is and hardening over time. Excessive earwax buildup can be uncomfortable and can also cause hearing difficulties.

Serotis Drop Earwax Removal Kit softens the earwax (cerumen) and ensures its dissolution and mechanical excretion from the ear canal. While cleaning earwax, it also moisturizes the ear canal.

Kit includes: Serotis Ear Drops 20 ml, Ear Washing Apparatus 60 ml (Ear bulb syringe).

Active Ingredients;

Contains cerumenolytic and keratolytic active ingredients that soften and remove hardened earwax.

Glycerin softens earwax.

Urea-Hydrogen Peroxide is one of the main products of hydrogen peroxide when it comes into contact with water. both hydrogen peroxide (which turns into water) and water have cerumenolytic activity. Cerumenolytics work by moistening the earwax and then breaking it down.

Docusate Sodium helps to maintain the normal otic environment for ear cleaning. Cerumenolytics soften and dissolve serum to facilitate cleansing. Surfactants (surfactants) emulsify residues, break them up and hold them in solution.

Its effective formulation is designed to be compatible with the skin.

  • pH 5.5
  • Paraben free.
  • Does not contain allergens.
Usage areas:
  • It is used to soften and/or clean clogged earwax. While cleaning earwax, it also moisturizes the ear canal.
Volume: 20 ml + Ear Bulb