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7 July 2021
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Vitamin C Antioxidant Face Serum

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What is Vitamin C?

It is a nutrient source that plays a role in many metabolic activities. It strengthens the skin's defense mechanism.

Vitamin C in Skin Care

The primary purpose of vitamin C, one of the indispensables of anti-aging care, is to preserve the youth and energy of the skin.

Vitamin C fights for younger looking skin.

Known for its tonal equalizing effect for skin problems such as skin tone unevenness, vitamin C is a supporter in a uniform and smooth appearance.

Vitamin C, which acts as a shield against skin sensitivity and damage caused by environmental factors, also plays an important role in protecting the integrity of the skin.

Herbal Vitamin C Ratio: 2%

Why Bade Natural Vitamin C Aantioxidant Serum?
High Dose Vitamin C!
Bade Natural Vitamin C Aantioxidant Serum contains KAKADU Plum extract, the world's highest source of antioxidants.
100 X More Vitamin C!

Containing 100 times more vitamin C than an orange, this fruit is a unique ingredient for your skin.

With the antioxidant power of Kakadu Plum, Bade Natural Vitamin C Aantioxidant Serum plays a protective role against skin damage caused by free radicals.

Working for a smoother skin, Bade Natural Vitamin C Aantioxidant Serum prioritizes the correction of the appearance of wrinkles and supporting the appearance of the skin that increases elasticity.

Bade Natural Vitamin C Aantioxidant Serum’s primary goals are to create a tonal equalizing and radiant effect despite spots and skin color inequalities due to environmental factors.

Volume: 30 ml