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7 July 2021
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Natural Chamomile Water

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Feel the healing of wild flowers on your skin with Bade Natural fresh herbal waters!

Natural Chamomile Water

Delicate, graceful and full of hope, a hug of happiness! Do you want to feel the peace and happiness of daisy like a bouquet on your skin?

Bade Natural - Natural Chamomile Water

Chamomile is a miraculous plant that offers many benefits with its relaxing and refreshing effect. Meet with natural chamomile water for a brighter, purified and calm skin. Bade Natural Natural Chamomile Water brings the healing of nature to your skin.

What Does Natural Chamomile Water Do?

Filling you with peace and confidence with its perfect scent, chamomile relaxes the skin in regular use, and has a positive effect on spots with its skin lightening feature.

Effects of Natural Chamomile Water in Skin Care

• Soothes and refreshes the skin.

• It is effective on stains in regular use.

• It has a deep cleaning feature.

• Equalizes the skin tone with its illuminating effect.

Volume: 100 ml